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Oldřich Menhart

Three examples of Menhart's approach to diacritics.


Manuscript, 1946. Released in Czechoslovakia by Grafotechna.


Unciála, 1944–1953. Released in Czechoslovakia by Státní tiskárna in 1950 and expanded by Grafotechna in 1953.


Parlament, 1950. Intended for ceremonious prints by Czechoslovak communist parliament. Released in Czechoslovakia by Státní tiskárna in 1950–1951.

Source: Oldřich Menhart: Výbor z díla písmaře a úpravce knihy, SNKLHU Praha 1955

Vojtěch Preissig

Two examples of Preissig's approach to Czech diacritics.

Preissig accents

Czech accents designed by Vojtěch Preissig for Golden Type by W. Morris and for type by F. W. Goudy

Source: Karel Dyrynk: České původní typografické písmo, Spolek Typografia Praha 1925