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Manuscript by Oldřich Menhart, 1946. Released in Czechoslovakia by Grafotechna. Unciála by Oldřich Menhart, 1944–1953. Released in Czechoslovakia by Státní tiskárna in 1950 and expanded by Grafotechna in 1953. Parlament by Oldřich Menhart, 1950. Intended for ceremonious prints by Czechoslovak communist parliament. Released in Czechoslovakia by Státní tiskárna in 1950–1951. Czech accents designed by Vojtěch Preissig for Cloister type by M.F. Benton and for type by F. W. Goudy. Source: Karel Dyrynk: České původní typografické písmo, Spolek Typografia Praha 1925
Guide to diacritics from the book Type in Advertising (Písmo v propagaci) by Bohumil Lanz and Zdeněk Němeček. Published by Merkur, Prague 1974. Completely wrong shape and size of a caron. The accent is upside down and too strong. Left quotation mark follows letter 't' instead of using correct glyph 'tcaron'. Prague, April 2006.